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Get Those Views!

In Flight Robotics Inc, has the skills and equipment to make your listings pop. With our fleet of advanced drones, Osmo and Nikon Cameras, and full editing suite, IFR is the go-to choice for Real Estate video marketing in the Columbia Valley and surrounding regions.

We offer several Real Estate focused services to make your listings stand out and providing you with a competitive edge.

- Complete drone photography/videography to get the stable and stunning aerial shots that will engage buyers, and drive interest in your listings.

- Interior Photography using some of the latest Nikon high resolution cameras and lenses give you stunning, vivid interior photos.

- Interior walkthroughs utilizing gimbal stabilized Nikon cameras and DJI Osmo cameras give the absolute smoothest video possible, creating engaging walkthroughs in beautiful depth and clarity.

- Large selection of royalty free, licensed music, to set the mood

- We provide video services for your marketing materials, and social media. We uitilize Rhode and Zoom mics for excellent sound quality for filming with your dialogue, providing the highest quality media for engaging with your customers.

Look no further for the best solution for showcasing your listings.  In Flight Robotics takes the stress out of the creation of media, editing, and deliverables for your Real Estate listings.