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What Can We Do For You?

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The Basics

Using our advanced drones, we can create stunning imagery for any purpose. We have the capability for both still photography and videography up to 12MP and 4K at 60 FPS.  This couples with our editing suite to produce the content and media you need.


2D and 3D imaging and modeling

Using state of the art photometric technology, we can provide 2D and 3D high resolution models of your site quickly and efficiently.


Save Money and Time!

We can measure your stockpiles at the fraction of the cost of traditional methods, and provide you with more accurate, and timely information to avoid waste. An aerial view can also give you the edge on site planning and logistics.


When the Critical Details Matter the Most

Our lightweight and portable drones are the perfect service for SAR organizations, as well as Police and Fire Services. We can provide you with infrared and high zoom capability, in a re-viewable, high resolution format, on site.  We can also provide over watch, as well as audio and lighting capabilities in remote situations.


Seeking the Heat

This service is perfect if you need to search and locate people or animals, building or roof for energy efficiency, solar panels for damage, power line equipment or ski towers for overheating components.  Where a heat signature indicates a problem, this service excels day or night, and we have the technology.


Get Those Views!

Nothing sells a property like drone footage.  Drone footage produced by a professional and competent drone pilot will bring your marketing to the next level!


Keeping Things Moving

Drones are particularly good tools for analyzing bridges, roads, railroads, and cliffs.  Have us quickly deploy one of our drones and pilots to provide with you the data you need to make critical infrastructure decisions.  This is a great tool for monitoring and reviewing avalanche debris, landslide potential/debris, flooding,  and performing routine inspections.  Don't tie up your resources, hire us and we will provide you with best data available!


Checking Your Building Envelope

Using infra red and high resolution photography, we can examine and provide you with data as it pertains to your building envelope.  From this information, you can develop maintenance procedures, catch any major problems that could be more costly to repair if allowed to fail, and plan for future repairs.  We can also provide thermal home inspections to both  homeowners and home inspectors, to aid in determining energy efficiency.


Aerial Site Intelligence

Save time, improve communication, and reduce cost by using our drone platform created data.  We can conduct inspections, keep track of progress, and provide interactive maps to keep your projects on time, on budget, and safely.


Integrated CAD Solutions

We have in house CAD capabilities, using the  industry leading Vectorworks platform.  We can take our drone imagery and models and produce 3D point clouds and 2D CAD mapping for any of your projects.  From construction, to festivals, to emergency site planning, we offer the full solution.


How Can We Help?

As a full service drone service provider, we will work tirelessly to provide the services you require.  If you don't see a service here that you need, please get in touch and discuss it with us.  We are a forward moving company and are interested in any and all projects that are drone related.  No job is too big or too small for us, and utilizing our creativity and work ethic, we will provide you the results you need.

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