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Aerial View of a Drone


When the Critical Details Matter the Most

Our enterprise level drones offer several capabilities of particular interest for emergency services.  Our infrared camera drone has the capability to detect heat signatures, perfect for search and detect operations, both day and night. Also, the IR camera is ideal for fire overwatch, giving you an instant birds eye view of where your crew is, and instantly reading temperatures.  This allows the allocation of resources to where they are most effective in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment.

In addition to the IR camera, we can provide a powerful zoom camera, which can be used for search and detect functions, as well as pinpointing points of interest, and searching areas that are hard to access. We can add a speaker on the drone, for communication, as well as a powerful spotlight, or a bright beacon on the unit for visibility.

Of note, our drones are lightweight and portable, meaning if operations dictate, we can quickly pack and mobilize the drone to another location via backpack, bicycle, helicopter, or any other means. Long flight times mean that you have eyes in the sky for maximum time, and our low temperature operating limit of -20C means that you can rely on us year round for emergency services.

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