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2D and 3D

Looking for a high resolution map, digital terrain model, digital surface model, and CAD integration?  Are you spending a lot of money on traditional aircraft based photography and not getting the results you need?  Look no further, In Flight Robotics has you covered.

Utilizing our industry leading technology, we can create orthomosaic maps, 3D models, terrain models, and other mapping products you may need.  With ground sampling distance capability of 1.5 cm/pixel from an altitude of 100M, our data is always high definition.  Utilizing Ntrip RTK, GCP,s, PPP, and PPK services, we can create maps with absolute accuracy to 3cm even in the most difficult and remote areas.  If a simple, non geo located map is what you are after, we have options for you, to save you money and time.

Our in house CAD department can take any map created and turn it into site maps, event plans, draw utilities, and import your plans for a one stop, integrated solution.  This saves you time and the frustration of dealing with multiple vendors working in different formats, on different schedules.  Let IFR take care of your mapping and CAD needs, for an all in one mapping, modeling and CAD solution, giving you consistent results you will be pleased with!

NOTE: These services do not replace the services of a Professional Land Surveyor where required by law.

Drone Imagery to CAD Plan

Trying to get an accurate site plan, but frustrated spending time measuring, using Google maps and finding the accuracy low, and not having the latest data?  We can help you.  Using drone based photogrammetry, we will create a map to your needed accuracy.

Drone (2).jpg

After creating your map, we create a CAD layer on top of your map.  In this space, we can add the elements you need, move them around, and create your desired site plan. 

Drone_CAD (2).jpg

The final product is a to-scale site plan, where we can add annotations, notes, and measurements.  It's possible to add CAD elements from architects, designers, landscape designers, and others in order to keep everybody on the same page.

CAD only (2).jpg

Photogrammetry to Models and DSMs, and Volumetrics

With one Photogrammetry flight, a large amount of data is collected in a short period of time, that yields results.  Not only is a 2D High resolution orthographic photo created, 3d models, digital terrain models, and digital surface models can all be created.  From this data, contour lines, and volumetrics are easily produced.  Stockpile volumes can be tracked, cut and fill volumes can be assessed, and it all can be tracked. 


3D model Examples

Screenshot (2).png

DSM Examples

Elevation small.jpg
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