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Aerial Site Intelligence

Looking for a way to keep track of your construction site, provide detailed construction reports, and create shareable media at the same time?  In Flight Robotics has your construction progress monitoring solution.

Utilizing our drone technology and purpose-designed software, we can provide you with exceptional site awareness in short order, from earthworks through to completion inspection. This technology allows for a safe, repeatable, and efficient method of site progress monitoring.  Flights often take little time, and pilots often do not need to take a step on site. 


A 3D digital duplicate of the site allows you and your stakeholders to inspect the site in 3D, allowing you to quality-control work in hard to reach areas, and giving the true "big picture".  In addition, analytics such as volumetrics and measurements can be made in the model, creating instant access to cut and fill calculations, slope angle measurement and profiles, and distance measurements. 


2D high resolution orthomosaic mapping gives a true sense  of the condition of the site, and measurements and annotations can be added to increase overall site intelligence, as well keeping your teams on track and on the same page.

3D orbits, and standard aerial videography and photography can be used for site reporting, sharing critical information with stakeholders, as well as for marketing purposes.

Check out a sample of what the possibilities are below!  You can select 3D pano, 2D map or 3D model in the bottom right corner to explore Innovation Building Group's OSO development in Golden BC!

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you create intelligent site progress capture solutions!

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